Crest Adds Ancestor Worship Update

Crest Adds Ancestor Worship Update

We’ve covered Crest before and it’s a game doing something different from many others. Firstly, it’s addressing the entire concept of faith and religion; not something many game’s do beyond touching on the mythologies. Secondly, it’s doing this in really clever ways that are ambiguous and thoughtful, not to mention fun.

Eat Create Sleep just added a new update to Crest, titled “Ancestor Worship”, which adds in a number of new features making previous generations a whole lot more important:



Here’s a brief breakdown of the features added in this update:

Ancestor Worship Major Features

– Underworld added with ancestors, they will give you advice and a recap of your history, when you want it.

– Faith Association has been reworked, which means that people react more realistically (and less frustratingly) to commandments.

– Followers now must learn words as the game progresses and several new words added to the game, such as Trade, Farm, and Socialize.

Other Additions & Improvements

– Players can now get information about individual followers in the game.
– Cities now all have unique names.
– Population growth model changed to reduce surprise overpopulation.
– New follower types added: Socializers and Explorers
– A host of UI/UX changes including
– 50% bigger island
– Game now informs player if a proposed commandment wouldn’t affect any followers before it’s placed
– Player is now notified about something happening on the commandment tablet when closed.
– City needs screen is streamlined to reduce clutter.
– Tutorial updated to reflect all relevant changes
– A lot of bug fixes and performance improvements

Crest can be found on Steam Early Access here.

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