Coffee Stain Details Future Plans

Coffee Stain Details Future Plans

Coffee Stain Studios, the mad geniuses behind the strange video game phenomenon that is Goat Simulator (as well as the phenomenal Sanctum series. Let’s not let them just become “The Goat Sim Guys”), put out a blog post earlier this week detailing their plans moving forward with Goat Simulator. It is great to see such a genuine studio have such success, even if I don’t understand it entirely…

Coffee Stain has remained ludicrous and zany, and is continuing to expand a game that was for all intents and purposes an office joke until it got to the public.

Full text of the Blog Post follows. It can also be found in its original state here.

Greetings, coffee beans!

So the last few months have been quite hectic at the office. We’re very happy to have so many goat fans, and the purpose of this blogpost will be to inform our fans of what is currently going on at our office so that you guys can plan your lives accordingly.


Goat Simulator iOS and Android


Okay, sorry about that. Let’s start over:

The Goat Simulator port for iOS and Android was announced recently at GDC Europe and the game actually runs pretty smooth. There’s a hands-on video by Pocketgamer here:


A: We don’t work with deadlines at Goat Simulator, we don’t have a production schedule and we don’t have a big publisher telling us to “release fast, or else!”. The good part about this is that we’re not going to release the game until we feel it’s truly worthy of the name Goat Simulator. With that said, things are running pretty smoothly so far and we don’t see the game taking a super-long time to finish. So our answer to the question is: Pretty soon/moderately soon.

Goat Simulator on Xbox

A couple of months ago we got to know a studio named Double Eleven, who will be doing the port. They are totally pros on this kind of stuff, so they’ll be able to bring it to Xbox faster and more stable than we ever could.  We seriously can’t wait until even more people can be goats.


A: We don’t know, the port was just recently started. With that said, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it will still take longer time than the iOS and Android port.

Q: Will this ruin the PC version?

A: Not at all, one of the main reasons we outsourced the port was because we wanted our studio to be able to focus on the PC version while someone else did the porting job. The Xbox port will be developed seperately and optimized to Xbox, while the PC version of the game will continue to get awesome free updates. We’ve always felt that our fans are what has kept our studio afloat, so we definitely want to make the choice that’s best for them, which brings us to our next point:

PATCH 1.2!

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’re super happy that Goat Simulator has become so popular, it’s really something that we never expected to happen while we were developing it at our office. Right after release, we felt like would be crazy for us to just sell a shit ton of copies and then move on to something else, so we decided to do a free expansion and patch it into the game – that was patch 1.1. But we feel like we haven’t given back just enough yet, and we also think that Goat Simulator is incredibly fun to work at, so we’re going to make another completely free content expansion and fund the development ourselves. We present to you: Patch 1.2!


A: We actually want to keep this super secret. We usually think keeping secrets from fans is lame, but trust us, this is just gonna be way funnier if you guys are in on the surprise. We thought patch 1.1 was fun, but for our next expansion, we don’t want to just add another maps with some more goats. We want to make the next patch  way cooler than anything we’ve ever done before. We want to surprise people just as much with patch 1.2 as we did when we released the first Goat Simulator alpha video back in February 2014.

So we can’t tell you what it is, but what we can tell you is that once it’s out, it’s going to be AWESOME.

If you have any more questions, you’re welcome to ask either in the comments, or over here:

Armin Ibrisagic,
Game Designer & PR weirdo
Coffee Stain Studios

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