City of Steam Joins with R2 Games

City of Steam Joins with R2 Games
LA Game Space, a non-profit center for videogame art, design, and research has launched a new fundraising game pack featuring over 30 new games by diverse and award-winning creators.


I’ll admit it, I was first drawn to City of Steam by one thing , and one thing only: It promised a Steam Punk MMO. The more I learned about the game, tho more interested I became in just seeing if it would work. An ambitious title wanting to create a browser based MMO.

The dream of this becoming a realitvy is one step closer to furition. Wth the Alpha and closed beta out of the way, City of Steam’s creators Mechanist Games have joined up with Reality Squared Games, with the later acting as publisher. Jared Psigoda,who is the CEO of R2 games seems to have hopes for City of Steam, Which will be one of R2’s many MMO’s:

“I see a lot of potential in City of Steam. Mechanist Games’ approach to making a game is something we’re thrilled to be a part of. We want to make sure City of Steam gets the recognition it deserves for being the innovative game that it is.”

City of Steam is now in Steam Greenlight, so you can head there for more information, or to vote it up if you feel like you’d want to see more of this ambition new entry into the MMO genre.

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