CITY OF STEAM is Greenlit on Steam.

CITY OF STEAM is Greenlit on Steam.
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Steam just got a little bit more Steampunky.  The up-until-now browser based Steam Punk MMO, City of Steam just gotten the Green Light from Steam for a release on the digital distribution giant, ensuring its availability to hundreds of thousands of more gamers. In the official announcement on the game’s website, the City of Steam Developers had some rather intriguing and humorous statistics to share:

114,587 people have visited the City of Steam Greenlight page over the last 127 days.
87,648 of those have actually voted, 56% of those, or 48,757 have voted “Yes”. 43%, or 37,986 (terrible ;) ) humanoid beings, voted “No” and 905 (2%) decided“next time” would be a better moment to choose. Though, through clever and witty PR, we were able to turn a few naysayers around…

This put us in the 8th or 9th place (out of the 1195 games campaigning up to that point), we’re not exactly sure as we were hovering between the two just when we got approved. As 17 other games were also greenlit, we had a nice margin of error going into this round and we’re super happy that that after about 4 months, we are now finally guaranteed a spot on the Valve’s huge digital distribution service. Some of the new features we promised (like Jetpacks and some of the new pets) are already going to be in for the next Beta, which we hope to announce dates for within the next few weeks. Work on a Steam (client-based) version of the game will also start soon.

As a huge fan of the Steampunk genre, I’ve been itching to give City of Steam a try, and this may be just the thing to push me towards it. I’ve got some misgivings about the games direction as an MMO, particularly surrounding its browser based origin, and some of the graphical choices I have seen. You can find the City of Steam Steam Page here


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  1. Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to trying this one out.

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