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Announced today, Jeroen Wimmer’s  puzzle game Circles will be fully released on February 17  on Steam and the Humble Store. (Jeroen soft launched the game on in November)



Circles is an abstract puzzle game without any text or tutorial that asks the player to experiment. By simply moving the mouse, they explore the game and its circles. Every puzzle provides something new and challenges them in various ways. Circles smoothly brings together interaction, music and visual to provide an intuitive and Zen-like experience that can be played by anyone.

Circles is an absolute joy to play. I love the fact that Circles is entirely intuitive, never relying on text prompts or instructions and instead letting you rely on yourself and figure out the puzzle mechanics through trial and error. It’s a very “A ha!” moment filled game, and every puzzle feels satisfying to solve.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeroen last year to talk about his design choices in Circles. You can watch that video interview right here:




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