Spotlight: Time Recoil

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Slowing, or manipulating, time is a staple mechanic for tons of games, and a lot of indie games have tackled the trope in a lot of interesting ways, from Braid to SUPERHOT. Time Recoil, now on Steam Greenlight, takes things in an interesting direction, requiring you to kill to keep time slow, setting up some… Read more »

4 Fantastic Party Games from PAX East 2017

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While there were a host of new puzzle games to be intrigued by this year, I actually found I had a hard time narrowing down the field of party games, mainly because most of my old favorites from last PAX East were back again, showing off their improvements, updates, and additions. In this year’s list,… Read more »

PAX Indie Spotlight: AVARIAvs

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AVARIAvs was another one of the game’s we saw at Playcrafting’s PREGAMERS event the night before PAX East got underway. A blend of fantasy, science fiction and JRPG combat, AVARIAvs is an incredibly unique idea, with enough polish and vision even at this early stage to show the potential to deliver on its goal of… Read more »

PAX Indie Spotlight: ABI

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ABI is a painterly story about two robots in a world forgotten, or left, by humanity. It’ll be up to ABI and DD to work together to find out what happened.

PAX Indie Spotlight: Stone Story

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Stone Story offers an intriguing twist on both the mechanics and aesthetics of RPG games, appealing to both the nostalgia of the ASCII era, while presenting something that feels fresh and original in terms of its mechanics.