4 Fantastic Party Games from PAX East 2017

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While there were a host of new puzzle games to be intrigued by this year, I actually found I had a hard time narrowing down the field of party games, mainly because most of my old favorites from last PAX East were back again, showing off their improvements, updates, and additions. In this year’s list,… Read more »

BFIG Spotlight: Ape Out

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Ape Out is a fast paced, tense and exhilarating primal rush of a game that will get your palms sweating and your heart pounding as you leg it towards escape.

Review: Headlander

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Our Review of Headlander, a fantastic homage to Metroidvania games that relishes in a retro-futuristic 70’s style.
Also, you’re a head in a helmet with a rocket pack.