BFIG Spotlight: Ape Out

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Ape Out is a fast paced, tense and exhilarating primal rush of a game that will get your palms sweating and your heart pounding as you leg it towards escape.

Review: Headlander

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Our Review of Headlander, a fantastic homage to Metroidvania games that relishes in a retro-futuristic 70’s style.
Also, you’re a head in a helmet with a rocket pack.

Playing Catch Up w/ Absolver

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Absolver is a new game from Slocap, that can be best described as Zeno Clash meets Dark Souls with a dash of Journey. If you’re like me, that’s a very, VERY exciting sounding recipe

Review: The Banner Saga 2

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The Banner Saga 2 carries on the tradition of gorgeous art, fantastic tactical combat and deep, emotional storytelling of the first game. Here’s why you should get invested in it if you’ve never picked up the series, or why you should play it again if you’ve already finished your first playthrough.