Brazilian Independent Games Festival Adds Gerard Marino

Brazilian Independent Games Festival Adds Gerard Marino

The Fifth Annual Brazilian Independent Games Festival will be taking place later this month, from June 24th to July 2nd, at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil, and yesterday they announced some pretty cool news: Gerard Marino, the composer from the God of War series will be holding a special talk during BIG Business Forum, Taking place from June 27th to July 1st.

The panel discussion is titled “From DJ to God of War Music Composer: A talk with Gerard Marino”, and will take place on June 28th, at 10am. It will be hosted by Brazilian game composer Antonio Teoli.

The BIG Festival is completely free, and is expected to surpass the success of last year’s event, where they received submissions of 515 games from 48 different countries, with almost half of those being produced in Brazil. The events goal is to “strengthen the Brazilian games industry and generate new business opportunities”.


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