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Announced yesterday on their PlayStation.Blog, DreamSail Games have a release date for their Robot Brawler Blade Ballet, which was one of our favorite party games we saw at PAX East 2016

Blade Ballet will be releasing on PC and PS4 August 9th.



I’d argue this isn’t the biggest news of this announcement however. That honor belongs to the news that Cross Platform Online Multiplayer is in!

Six months ago, we made a big, scary, public promise that we would get online multiplayer into the game.

We’d been showing Blade Ballet off at events, holding playtests, and gathering advice from other studios, and one recurring theme stood out to us. Though people loved playing in-person with one another, they wanted to take it further. They wanted to share the experience with friends who (for one reason or another) couldn’t get together to play on the couch, and also to use it as a way to connect with new people in fun and interesting ways.

We hadn’t anticipated this shift in direction when we first started development. It was a risk to take on this new challenge, one that wasn’t guaranteed to pay off. Not every team can make it through the gauntlet of a big change like this — stress puts pressure on professional relationships, leading studios to either crumble or emerge stronger than ever.

Our team rose to the challenge. They poured their skills and passion into making Blade Ballet accessible to as broad an audience as possible, rewarding those players and fans who have stuck with us from the beginning by giving them what they asked for.

We’re excited to know when we’ll finally be able to get our hands on Blade Ballet, and cannot wait to fire up the multiplayer, both on the couch and online!


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