Black Hive Partners with 2Dimensions: 2 Kova Titles In Production

Black Hive Partners with 2Dimensions: 2 Kova Titles In Production

While Kova’s Kickstarter Campaign was unsuccessful in raising its goal of $28,000 before the April 27th deadline, the game did receive a pretty large amount of coverage, with  tons of outlets gushing over the game’s gorgeous art and RPG mechanics. This seems to have helped Kova’s Developers secure funding and publication partnership to make sure their game gets out to its fans.

Announced in a Press Release yesterday, Black Hive Media will be Partnering with 2Dimensions to release a PVP Card game set in the Kova universe, followed by the release of Kova.

Effective immediately, Black Hive is working with 2Dimensions to create a mobile card-based PvP strategy title that will exclusively use the Nima animation technology.  This unannounced title will be released later this year for iOS and Android.

Upon completion of the mobile title, Black Hive will refocus it’s efforts to Kova, which will now be published with 2Dimensions for an initial PC release and consoles to follow.

It’s fantastic to see Kova and Black Hive Media make a partnership that will help bring the game to market. They seem excited about working with 2Dimensions, who they have worked with in the past:

We’re super excited to announce that Kova has found a publishing partner!  We actually had multiple approaches following the (unsuccessful) Kickstarter.  After a lot of discussion, we decided to partner with the awesome guys at 2Dimensions, Luigi and Guido Rosso.  We already use their Nima technology and have also already formed a great relationship together.  They have a vast background in games and software and we’re all really excited to work together to bring Kova to life using their excellent animation software.

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