BFIG Spotlight: Tailwind: Prologue

BFIG Spotlight: Tailwind: Prologue

If there’s one thing that surprised me about this year’s Boston Festival of Indie Games as a whole, it was the level of polish that was one display. One of the things I really enjoy about the BFIG is that you see so many games so early in development, in a raw, unfinished state, but I think that is wonderful. Of course, this can lead to unplayable demos, bad impressions, and showcase a game that looks completely different than the finished product. So, maybe I’m just looking at that side of things too optimistically.

However, this year, things seemed particularly polished, and one standout was Cipher Prime’s Tailwind: Prologue. Not only did this twin stick shooter without the shooter look fantastic, but it handled beautifully, taking a twist on a common video game trope and developing it in to a fantastic experience.


In Tailwind: Prologue, you are the last survivor on a world occupied by an alien enemy. You manage to make it to an experimental spacecraft, trying to escape, only to realize that this vessel 1, does not have enough fuel to carry you off world and 2, has no weapons.This doesn’t mean you’re defenseless, as the tailwind created by this experimental ship is powerful enough to destroy enemy spacecraft, and you’re able to phase shift through the environment.

So, the idea of Tailwind: Prologue is that you turn the ship around, falling back to the planet’s surface, and try to take as many of the alien enemy with you before you hit the ground.

Tailwind: Prologue is fantastically well executed idea, turning the twin stick shooter genre on its head. It’s fast paced and chaotic, and handles like a dream.

Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to get your hands on Tailwind: Prologue. It was made available as a Humble Original Exclusive in the April 2016 Humble Monthly Bundle .

Fortunately, this is just the prologue. Cipher Prime are working on a full and expanded version of the game titled Tailwind. There are no details on when this is coming out or what platforms it’ll be released on, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting this game based on the impression Tailwind: Prologue gave us..

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