BFIG Spotlight: Mecha Mettle by Inquisibot

BFIG Spotlight: Mecha Mettle by Inquisibot

 I love it when games truly feel like a game. Sometimes, you play games that feel like they are trying to educate you, or some games are trying to prove a point, or illustrate some element of the human experience. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for that, but at the same time, sometime I just need to fight a monster, or blow up a space ship. Mecha Mettle, a game currently in development by Inquisibot, promises just that: a 1-v-1 Spaceship fight to death with an incredible amount of customization, synergy and randomness.

Mecha Mettle is a 2-player card and dice game where players are engaged in space combat as captains of their own custom ships. Players outfit their ships by playing module cards and form strategies around components that give special ship abilities. Battle takes place by firing with modules and rolling dice to resolve combat. Positioning and taking tactical advantage of each module’s attack and defence is the key to victory. The game ends once one player destroys five of their opponent’s ports.


Mecha Mettle has a ton of really good features working in its favor. First, I love the random aspect of designing your own spaceship, as when as the tactical nature of choosing to go defensive or offensive, or to appeal to raw power or focus on special abilities. I also really like the tactile element of Mecha Mettle: you can see  where the modules are and you’ve got a little creative control on to set up you 3×3 “ship”.

The game has three core feature we are focusing on. The first core feature is your ability to customize your ship. in the game you get a pool of 16 ability cards, with which you get to customize and build your ship to suit your play style. You can choose card that will help with attacking, defending, re-configuring your ship, or modifying the parts from your module deck. The second core feature is upgrading your modules. During the game, you’ll have the opportunity to take new modules and link them together to make a new more powerful unit. The last feature is the spatial combat.

– Duane Rajkumar of Inquisibot

Here is a synopsis of the Print-and-Play version of the game that is a phenomenal overview of the mechanics and the general elements of the game:

If you’d like to give the game a try yourself, head over to the game’s Board Game Geek page to find the Print-and-Play version.

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