GUNGUNGUN involves a lot of gunplay. I know that may be hard to imagine, but it’s true.

For a game started as a tech demo, GUNGUNGUN is incredibly well polished, fun and fast paced. It’s not trying to be anything it is not, which works to it’s advantage, and it nails the fast paced gunplay arena combat it’s advertizing phenomenally well.



GUNGUNGUN is being developed by Mystery Egg Games, and is an arena based shooter. In it, you’ll face endless wave of enemies, boarding a train and trying to take you down. There are four different enemies: a sword wielder, a gun wielder, a bomb wielder, and a tank. To take out these enemies, you’ll have a host of different guns you can pick up over time, from revolvers, to Kalashnikovs to Henry rifles. Each has different pros and cons in terms of damage, magazine size, and speed, but generally this is more a question of personal preference than min-maxing.

There’s not a ton of depth to GUNGUNGUN currently, and I’m not sure that it really needs a ton more depth, as it’s fantastically fun even in its current beta state. It controls beautifully and the gunplay feels fantastic, a result of combining great animations and superb audio effects.

GUNGUNGUN, when it comes down to it, is a perfect bite-sized bit of indie game gunplay that is polished to a mirror-like sheen.

And guess what? You can play the current beta version of GUNGUNGUN now for free by downloading it from Gamejolt here.

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