BFIG Spotlight: Breakers Yard by Protophant

BFIG Spotlight: Breakers Yard by Protophant

Sometimes, a single mechanic can sneak up on you and evoke only the thought of “Why haven’t I seen this before, in so many other games!” I had this experience with Breakers Yard, the first game from Dan Dujnic, head of Protophant Games.  In Breakers Yard, all of the upgrades you pickup for your gun stack; Picking up a Shotgun Upgrade would make you spray out a cloud of shot, but as soon as you get a Drill Shot upgrade, those bullets become drills. Then you pick up a Bouncing Bullet Upgrade…then a BombShot upgrade….

Breakers Yard is a dual-stick shooter with automatically combining weapons and a ton of robots to crush.

All nine weapons stack, so if (for example) you pick up TripleShot, DrillShot and BombShot, you shoot all three at once: Triple Exploding Drills. With nine weapons to choose from there are over 500 unique combinations.

The enemy robot hoard coming after you are as varied as the weapons: DrillBots that ambush you, PumpBots that inflate you until you explode, and SawBots that hunt you down and cut you to ribbons. Eventually they will overrun you, but your score is immortalized on the leaderboards.

I’m not sure if this is the first game to ever do this, I’ll be honest, but it is handled incredibly well by Breakers Yard. The rest of the game is fairly standard top-down, pixel art based twin-stick shooter fair, but the entire experience becomes a rush to see how ridiculous of a weapon you can cobble together. That experience is well worth the game time.

The other absolutely amazing thing about Breakers Yard is that you can play it, in its most current build, right now. It fantastic to see a game be so open with its development process

Last year, I brought the [predecessor to Breakers Yard] made in Gamemaker to MassDigi. They looked at it and I got some good feedback on it. It was around that time that I knew i needed to move to something that I’d be making forward progress with. You can make a game with Game Maker, but I chose to use Unity, because even if this whole game turns out to be a bust, I’ll at least have taught myself a lot of skills, with C Sharp, with game development. I feel like I have been teaching myself more marketable skills while making Breakers Yard.

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