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Sometimes, complexity is a game’s enemy. Often, a simple premise, perfectly executed, can surpass any competition.

Sometimes, you just need to let a game be what it is.


Ape Out as no pretense or pomposity about it. Being developed by Gabe Cuzzillo, It is a game in which you control an ape and you are getting out.

I know; Mind shattering.

The beauty of the game is that it is simple, primal even. As soon as you break the first pane of glass, a pounding, rhythmic soundtrack starts up that reacts to your actions and encounters, immediately and very forcefully pulling you into the moment. The ape you play, the environments, and the small variety of enemies are all angular and portrayed in flat bright colors, with no real detail to distract you from the immediacy of your escape. It’s an incredibly effective combination in getting you invested in the minute or so you’ll be frantically running at break neck speed, throwing guards into walls and dodging bullets.

Ape Out isn’t a game that will define genre’s or make you question you stance on some major idea. Ape Out is a fast paced, tense and exhilarating primal rush that will get your palms sweating and your heart pounding as you leg it towards escape.

Ape Out is currently in closed beta, with no planned release date. If you’re interested in joining the newsletter mailing list, you can sign up on the game’s web page.

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