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In news we missed somehow, Announced earlier this month, Spiderling Games is bringing the most requested features together into one update for Besiege.

Titled the Besiege Multiverse Update, this will see multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive, added to the game, as well as a level editor, bringing a massive amount of control to players to create content.



The Multiverse allows Besiegers to create multiplayer sessions of the game (Up to 8 Players) to build, battle and compete with their friends. Alongside this we’ve included a large set of tools, allowing players to not only create their own custom levels, game modes & objectives, but create them with their friends in real time. Furthermore, players can choose to play/simulate custom levels, while their friends are still working on them!

Spiderling Games is still working on the Multiverse Update, and it is currently expected to release Q3 of this year (July, August or September). After the release of the Multiverse Update, Besiege’s sale price will be raised by $2, so if you don’t already have Besiege, it may be a good idea to save a bit and pick it up now!

Besiege is available on Steam, and Humble. You can find more information about the Multiverse Update here.

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