B.U.G. – Unity 5 and Sonic Bloom

B.U.G. – Unity 5 and Sonic Bloom

The Boston Unity Group recently posted two videos from a recent series of talks they hosted this September. I was fortunate enough to attend both of these talks and they are both incredibly interesting and informative, for both developers and game players and indie enthusiasts.

The first is a  discussion of Unity 5 and the new features it is bringing to independent game designers.

Unity 5 boasts a multitude of new features and some workflow changes. Carl Callewaert of Unity will explain, demo, and answer questions about the highly anticipated release of Unity 5 and it’s full feature set. Be sure to use this opportunity to speak with Unity directly so as to be informed and inspired.

Second is a fascinating discussion of Video games and music by Eric Robinson, the founder of Sonic Bloom:

Music in games is typically relegated to the background, a play-and-move-on approach.  Today’s most complex systems may allow dynamic mixing of music but significant aural events rarely align well with player-driven action.  Sonic Bloom has been hard at work on a Unity Plugin designed to bridge this gap; technology that brings music to the foreground and can even drive gameplay.  In this talk, we will finally take the lid off of our tech and showcase several examples of how it can be used to deepen the interactive experience and emotional impact of your music and sound effects.  Attendees of the talk will be invited to join our Beta program and will gain early access to our tools.

If you’d like to learn more about the Boston Unity Group, of be informed of upcoming events, follow them on Twitter @BosUnityGroup , or head over to their Meetup Page.

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