Example Art Style Guide: Valve’s DOTA2

Example Art Style Guide: Valve’s DOTA2

One of the things we want to do on IH is point out good examples of design process, helpful tutorials, and really anything that might spur on an idea or help ease the dev cycle. While a lot of small indie studios may only have a single person creating art assets, the creation of a style guide can be a good source of guiding principles, inspiration, a roadmap, or even checks and balances down the line when working on a title. Even in the design of IndieHangover we worked with a style guide to make sure people had the correct color palettes, sizes, logos and fonts when venturing off on their own.

Lets me honest, sometimes we mistaken “attention to detail” with those who just follow the original plan.

In this example style guide, the art team at Valve attempt to spread the word on how to be successful when creating DOTA 2 workshop assets, and manage to teach a few key art direction lessons along the way.

Source: Reddit

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