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Yesterday, the newest update to League of Geek’s Armello went live. Dubbed Battle Tides, this update adds a couple of new combat effects, some new cards to supplement these dice, and a number of balance fixes to the game.

In total, five new cards have been added to Armello:

Poison Taster (Follower): Removes Poison and gives immunity while Recruited.

Poisoned Dagger (Item): In Battle, First Burned Rot Card is a Poisoned Attack.

Hero’s Shield (Treasure): In Battle, +1 Reflecting Shield.

Snake Venom (Consumable): (Play on) Hero, King’s Guard; Poisoned, until end of next Turn.

Palisade Walls (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Settlement is Fortified until Terrorised, or until owner changes. SFX audio to support this.

PoisonTaster PoisonedDagger


Additionally, there are two new combat dice in the mix:

Reflect – Blocks the incoming hit and bounces back the damage to the attacker, which may be blocked again by their own defences.
Poison – If this hit isn’t blocked and thus causes a wound to the target, it will “poison” the victim.

There are some additional balance changes to existing cards as well. Here are a few stand outs:

 Hot Rot Wine (Item): Now costs 1 Rot instead of 1 Gold to play.

 Blacksmith (Follower): New effect; in Battle, +1 Sword/Shield for first Sword and Shield symbol Equipped. 

Welcoming Party (Trickery): New effect: Target is exiled to nearest unoccupied Mountain and ends Targets Turn. 

If you’d like to know some of the developers reasonings behind these changes, or see the full list of balance changes, we encourage you to check out the full v1.4 Build Notes.

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