Arcadian Atlas Hires Programmer, Reveals Cavalier

Arcadian Atlas Hires Programmer, Reveals Cavalier

Two pieces of exciting news for Twin Otter’s Arcadian Atlas were revealed today; one on the development side, and one on the game mechanics side.

Firstly, Twin Otter has hired Patrick Brand to serve as their Lead Programmer

Hailing from Illinois, Patrick has spent years working on tactical RPGs, including Vindis Saga. He ensures that Arcadian Atlas‘ complex tactical RPG system is implemented smoothly and accurately so that it becomes a TRPG classic. And honestly, he’s just a super nice guy who has a deep passion for the genre.

As a little taste, see what Patrick has already been cooking up in-engine:



Today’s update also revealed new details for the Cavalier Base Class that will appear in the game:


The Cavalier takes its name from the tradition of soldiers in Charles I’s military force when England was torn by civil war, much like the land of Arcadia.

Trained and specializing in various one-handed and two-handed sword techniques, the Cavalier core class is master of the close-quarters. Able to pinpoint weaknesses of other classes, the Cavalier closes gaps quickly and uses brute force and finesse to dodge, parry, and crush foes.

They can opt for the damage-resistant, though burdened approach of heavy armors or the deadly speed of a fencer by mastering agility and counter techniques. Definitely not a force to be trifled with – and that’s just the base class!

Check back with IndieHangover if you’e interested in Arcadian Atlas, as we’ll be sure to keep you informed of its development.

Want to learn more about Taylor and Becca Bair, the brother and sister team heading Arcadian Atlas? Check out our Interview with them here.

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