Aquamarine Kickstarter Coming Oct 2

Aquamarine Kickstarter Coming Oct 2

Aquamarine was the winner of our Editor’s Choice Award at this year’s Play NYC. It’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous graphics, compelling mechanics and interesting approach to n alien ecosystem have very firmly put it close to top of our Watch List. Now, Aquamarine is coming to Kickstarter, and a new announcement trailer give you a much more in depth look at the game than anything you’ve seen before.

Aquamarine‘s Kickstarter campaign will launch Tuesday, October 2.  The game is currently being developed for Mac and PC, and Moebial Studios have give it an estimated release date of Spring of 2019. Most importantly, we have confirmation that there will be a demo of this early version of Aquamarine available as a free download alongside the Kickstarter.


Inspired by the comics of French artist Moebius, roguelikes, adventure games, and ’70s-era psychedelic sci-fi, Aquamarine tells the story of a lone space traveller who is marooned on an unknown planet covered in water. Players must navigate their humble escape pod through the ocean depths to reach their crashed ship and hopefully escape alive.

Gameplay is turn-based, emphasizing defense and tactical maneuvers over combat, and focuses on collecting and managing limited resources, deciphering a dynamic ecosystem, and unraveling the planet’s mysterious history through puzzles and exploration. Over the course of Aquamarine, players will upgrade and customize their escape pod with a number of special abilities and tap into the planet’s natural elements to power their progress.

If you’re interested in learning more about Aquamairne, and getting an early peak at some exclusive game footage, then stay tuned to IndieHangover. We’ll be publishing an interview with lead developer Patric Fallon next week.

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