Anamorphine Gameplay Video, Amazing and Disturbing

Anamorphine Gameplay Video, Amazing and Disturbing

Ultimately it’s hard to describe in any full sentence without throwing in a smattering of adjectives and phrases that make you sound slightly baffled, drugged up and half off your rocker: stunned, impressed, sad, claustrophobic, “creeped the hell out”, psychotic and just plain “Huh?”.

A surreal story using unconventional first person game mechanics to navigate and unravel a narrative that is bled into the environments. Without cutscenes or narration, the game challenges players to interpret a story delivered through mechanics and environments.


Created by Mohannad Al-Khatib and Ramy Daghstani,¬†Anamorphine’s latest reveal makes you feel as if you’ve climbed into David Lych’s head and can see his every thought while being locked away in a Disneyland theme park overnight. It’s hard to explain, and even more difficult to stop watching.

Go now and don’t come back until you’ve watched it several times.¬†

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