Aftercharge Delayed to Jan. 2019

Aftercharge Delayed to Jan. 2019

Unfortunate news today: Chainsawesome Games’ Unique 3V3 Shooter Aftercharge will be delayed until January of next year. The Game was most recently set for a September 12th launch, awaiting Xbox One certifications, which were cleared last Friday. However, the team has unanimously decide to delay launch once more for some very legitimate reasons.


First, the realization that releasing an indie game in the Fall may not be the best of ideas, particularly a multiplayer game:

The Autumn of AAA games is really not a factor to be taken lightly. Every single business partner we asked for advice told us to avoid the Fall as it is where indie games, especially multiplayer indie games, go to die. No one wants Aftercharge to die after just a few weeks.

Additionally, the extended development time give the team even more of a chance to test the game (though test days are slowing down a bit), add even more content, and maybe get that all important Switch release ready to go:

This extra development time will allow us to finish Map 4, polish a lot of things that are still rough, add under-the-hood features like a community tool, prepare another character so it can release soon after launch and hopefully finish the Nintendo Switch version in time for Day 1.

Disappointing? Sure. But these are the things that indie developers have to think of, and it’s entirely reasonable for them to want to wait to launch their game at the best time, in the best form possible.

We’ll be waiting for that sweet invisible vs. invincible action!

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