Aftercharge Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Aftercharge Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Last weekend, the X018 conference was held in Mexico City and a rather important bit of information was revealed by the folks at Microsoft and Chainsawesome Games.

When Aftercharge launches in January 2019 it will also release directly into the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

This is HUGE news. Aftercharge is going to be cross-play between PC and Xbox, and as any mulitplayer game creator can tell you, player volume is a big deal for multiplayer games. With Aftercharge’s inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass, that’s a much larger pool of potential players jumping into the 3V3 action, which can only help the game’s longevity.

If you’re interested, there’s another test weekend for Aftercharge starting tomorrow, November 17th at 10:00am EST, though it is PC only. If you’re interested in getting a key, head to

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