Aftercharge Coming to Switch with 3-Way Crossplay

Aftercharge Coming to Switch with 3-Way Crossplay

Chainsawesome Games announced today that Aftercharge will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as the previously announced PC and Xbox One versions of the game!

But that’s not the good part.

Aftercharge is going to feature three-way cross-platform play between PC, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, meaning that there will be no segmenting of the player base, more people to play matches with, and no excuse for my friends not to grab this game!


Interested? Well, you have another chance to try out Aftercharge for free. Aftercharge’s next open playtest will be taking place on April 14th from noon to midnight EDT.

You can grab a key by signing up here.

Want to know more about Aftercharge’s Development? Look no further than our IndieDev Interview with Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games!

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