AFRICADE Opens July 29th

AFRICADE Opens July 29th

One of the coolest parts of going to conventions is meeting the developers from far off places. We’e met indie devs from across the globe, from Brazil to India to South Africa. While IndieHangover is US based, and has an inherent focus on the US indie scene, that’s not going to stop us from shining a light on cool events showcasing indie games around the world.

AFRICADE: Contemporary Games from Africa is an art exhibit that will be taking place at The African Studies Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel starting July 29th and going through December 1st. This event has been initiated by Ben Myers, one of the devs at Nyamakop, who are creating Semblance, as well as Shalev Moran, Israel’s digital art festival ‘Print Screen’ game section curator and Idit Toledano, curator at the African Studies Gallery

The African Studies Gallery presents Africade, the first ever exhibition that focuses entirely on video games from Africa. Africade compiles 7 video from Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa. With the exhibition, the ASG joins contemporary art museums worldwide that present video games as a form of art, but this time with a particular focus on Africa.

It’s incredibly cool to see a light shown on the African Indie Game Scene like this, as well as to treat these games like the art form they are. I only wish I could be there to see the exhibit!

The seven games being exhibit at AFRICADE are as follows(we’ve included links to the games and devs wehere possible, so check these out!):

Aurion by Kiro’o Games of Cameroon

After Robot by Shapa Studios of South Africa

Broforce by Free Lives of South Africa

Wrestling with Emotions by Team Lazerbeam of South Africa

Rangi by Funsoft/Digigo Games of Morocco

Lantern of Truth by Diaa ElHak of Algeria

Throne of Gods by Akdogan Ali and Umusu Samson Iruo of Nigeria

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