We’ve set out to do things differently.

The goal of IndieHangover is to be a conduit for Indie Game Developers to reach a community of avid creators and gamers, while being a destination for those looking to find games, news, and information that is both relative and entertaining.

At IndieHangover, our focus is on the stories of the development teams behind the Indie Games that people want to play. The stories that we’ve been told of what it means “to be an Indie Dev” are entertaining, enlightening and hilarious.

We think that means they are worth telling

We want:

  • To be a place where developers can share their process, wins, and failures.
  • To cut through the noise and promote awesome games.
  • To humanize the development process.
  • To be a source of news that’s focused solely on indie games.
  • To give whole-hearted reviews and in-depth, personal interviews.

Our Review / Preview Policy

Until you have tried (and quite probably failed) to create a game, you cannot truly appreciate the effort involved. 

-Dan Amrich from “Critical Path”

We review games for what they are.

It is what it is. Nothing is more annoying than someone who punishes a game for something it is not or sets out to accomplish. You won’t see us knocking a title because it didn’t include multiplayer, map editing, or more rogue-like features. Nope, we’re here to tell you if the gameplay is enjoyable in the way that is presented by its developers.


We understand when a game is in development (ie: Early Access, Alpha, Beta).

Getting an early build of a game is an excellent way to build hype or solicit feedback. When we write a preview, we understand we’re getting an honored look into a game’s development, not a finished product, and our previews reflect it. There’s no reason to fear “bad press” due to placeholder art or bugs; we get it.


We’re not here to grade your game. 

Reviews will not be given a grade by the staff as we want our authors to focus on the reasons the like or dislike a game, not shoehorn them into an arbitrary value. Readers should be able to understand make their own decisions without any sort of alpha or numeric grade looming over them.


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