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So, I guess there’s a game coming out on April 14th. To quote the press release:

This is a game that has been years in the making, has over 130 playable characters, hundreds of levels and missions, a deep mythology, Kinect support, and has been called the Citizen Kane of video games.

Man….Soda Drinker Pro is weird…

Here’s some updated information on the April 14th Launc on PC and Xbox One:

Is this the same as the older version of Soda Drinker Pro?
Nope! There’s a massive amount of new secrets and content in the game along with a new Soda physics engine that is the most powerful Soda simulation engine in existence.

What was the inspiration for this game?
Being very thirsty!


  • Over 100 simulations
  • Kinect support
  • Over 130 playable characters
  • Sandwich Shooters
  • Larry Gator
  • Achievements
  • Procedural content
  • Soda crafting
  • FPS First Person Soda Simulation
  • Non-procedural content
  • Powerful Soda physics engine
  • The most emotionally challenging game ever created!

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