A Druid’s Duel – Aldenfalle Update

A Druid’s Duel – Aldenfalle Update

Today, Kris Szafranski released an updated for his game A Druid Duel. After a bit of an absence, it’s great to see some progress on the game, as well as to see a few changes to gameplay and the boss mechanics in the game:

The Aldenfalle Season is complete and an alpha build was handed out to testers on September 17th. It included only minor updates besides the additional maps and story content. All told Aldenfalle has 22 maps that contain a variety of Season tiles and finding your way through the looping landscape can be really tricky. Personally, I think Aldenfalle is the prettiest Season and the artwork lends it the perfect whimsical, Autumnal feel.

The Aldenfalle Stone is held by Master Ninonell, who is none-too-helpful. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk and rather difficult to defeat. He prefers to surround himself with burly Snarlclaws and stay way away from trouble.

There is also some additional new character art being shown off in this update, beyond Master Ninonell!

Warren, Master Rickett, and Master Grenyvaal

Thanks to the great work of Laura Davis, Warren and all the Bosses now have lively and finished faces. Each of the Bosses also has a unique wand to complete their individual profiles.

We’ll make sure to keep you update on the progress of A Druid’s Duel as more features are added and Alpha continues.


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