50 More Games Make it to Steam Greenlight

50 More Games Make it to Steam Greenlight

50 more independent games were passed through Steam Greenlight today, ensuring visibility on the massive marketplace that is Steam.  Though this doesn’t necessarily mean these games will be coming out anytime soon, it does ensure they’ll have the support of Steam and the Steamworkshop, should they decide to integrate anything from the Steamworks . The view the full list of games approved for Greenlight status, check out the day’s page on the Steam Workshop. 

Steam Greenlight is, in large part, based on player participation: “Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in gauging community interest along with external factors such as press reviews, crowd-funding successes, performance on other similar platforms, and awards and contests to help form a more complete picture of community interest in each title.

A couple of the titles that caught my eye in particular include Tangiers, a Post-Modern Game that almost defies description and definition, and The Repopulation, a sci-fi MMO that has roots in the design of Star Wars: Galaxies (need I say more?).

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