5 More Fantastic Games from GGJ17

5 More Fantastic Games from GGJ17

As if five was enough for us! We’re back with five more fantastic indie creations from 2017’s Global Game Jam. Again, the selection process for these five games was entirely subjective: there were over 7,000 games  created between January 20th and 22nd. These are just the ones that we saw or heard about, that caught our attention, and that we wanted to share. You might find a completely different set of game that captures your imagination and we encourage you to check out the full offering here.

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We’ve tried to provide as much information about the game, where it was created, and the people that created it as possible


Tiny Town Traffic Technician

Created at Abertay University


Developed By: Steven Taarland and Thomas Haygarth.

Available Here.

Tiny Town Traffic Technician is a Roomscale VR game developed for HTC Vive. It’s charming, interprets the theme of wave in a very unique way, and is surprisingly tense for only having three streets to watch. It’s also cool to see the explosion of VR games in this years Global Game Jam, and the way developers are utilizing the mechanics and interaction afforded to them by VR.





Created at the Pacific Science Center


Developed By:
Engineering: Nicholas Kaman
Models: Taylor Yoon
Sound Design: Reed Erlandson
Composition: Felix Peaslee

Available here and here.

BASALT is one of the games from this year’s GGJ that I would in no way be surprised to see develop into a full game. The mechanic of causing, and avoiding shockwaves is fun even in this unbalance early stage, and the art direction and style of the game is superb, even if movement and animations are in need of serious tuning.



Camino: Viaje Onírico

Created at La Plata Global Game Jam


Developed by:
Ayelen Garcia: Visual Design.
Ismael Iszlonn: Game Designer. Programmer.
Leonel Cora: Game Designer. Programmer.
Maira Diaz: Game Designer. Programmer.
Carla Rosa: Game Designer. Programmer. Cheff.
Tomas Batista. Audio Guy.

Available Here.

While Camino: Viaje Onírico doesn’t have a lot going on mechanically, essentially being a maze using light and dark, the graphical design and bright colors of the art immediately grabbed my attention. Additionally, i liked that it felt as if you were slowly getting the sense of a painting as you stumbled around in the dark; it was a cool feeling I’d love to see explored more.



Created at the Boston GGJ @ Northeastern University


Developed By (get ready, big team)
PRODUCTION/GAME DESIGN: Arthur Bacon, Ryan Maloney
PROGRAMMING:Trevor Day, Chris Dinome, Chris Juchem, Alex Zilbersher
GIT LEGEND: Alex Zilbersher
LEVEL DESIGN: Arthur Bacon, Hoyin Chu, Andre de Oliveira, Ryan Maloney, Alex Zilbersher
VISUAL ART: Devin Yang, Ty Enos
UI: Devin Yang
INITIAL GAME CONCEPT: Arthur Bacon, Trevor Day

Available Here


Node tackles the idea of sound waves in an incredibly slick, techno styled way. You’ll have to weave your way through the puzzles while thinking about the effect of the various sound waves which will pull you in or push you away from your objectives.

Node is incredibly polished, and I was really surprised to see such a large team working on one project concurrently during the game jam. Not something normally seen and I’m sure the logistics of this would be just as interesting as the game itself.



One Lit Party

Created at the Boston GGJ @ Northeastern University


Developed by:

Alexis ChipperiniKyle FleischerPatrick GallagherBrett Davis, Sam Shapiro

Available Here

A fun game about putting out fires, both literally and figuratively, One Lit Party is nostalgic to the core. Glorious pixel graphics and classic sounds meld wonderfully with the sarcastic, punny humor of today



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