Final Hours Of The 2nd Annual Mojam

Final Hours Of The 2nd Annual Mojam
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Mojang, the team that made the hugely popular Minecraft, is in the final hours of the 2nd Annual Mojam.  This time they brought some friends for the 78 hour game developing charity marathon and it is being streamed on Twitch.

Mojang studio split and teamed up with with other indie developers, like Ludosity, Grapefrukt, Oxeye Game Studio, Wolfire Games, and Vlambeer, for this Mojang-Humble Bundle. Each team grabbed a project with a theme chosen by fans and we are in for some interesting settings; Endless Nuclear Kittens, Wasteland Kings and Interplanetary Void to name a few.

 This eight game bundle is pay-what-you-want and all proceeds go to the Block-by-Block, a urban planning charity, or EFF, a digital defense organization. That is a lot of gaming for some good causes.

There is only a little time left on this event, so check out the Twitch feed and don’t forget to drop a donation!


Update!: The jam is over! Sort of…  

Congratulations to the teams for their effort.  It netted over $450,000 for charity and produced some very interesting looking games. But, if you missed donating during the jam, its not too late.  You can still go to the Humble Bundle page and pick up the games for a donation!

Click the jump to see some screens from their projects.


Wasteland-Kings-titleWasteland Kings by Vlambeer







Tektonik from Grapefrukt   tektonik-screenshot-01


Screen-130224-03  3918 by the Oxeye Game Studio


title  Nuclear Pizza War by Cyborg Hippos (aka  HenrikJohan, and Jens)


Low-Light  Low-Light by Wolffire Games

Space-Hunk-screenshot-2 Space Hunk from Ludisoty 

Battle-Toads1  Battle Frogs by  Poi PoiNathan, and Kris; otherwise known as Striped Zebras.

endlessNuclearKittensTitle Endless Nuclear Kittens from MattisErik, and Mans, aka Giraffmacka.


Get to the Humble Bundle site to get your copies!


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