13AM Games Announces Dawn of the Monsters

13AM Games Announces Dawn of the Monsters

13AM Games, the developer behind Runbow and Double Cross, has announced Dawn of the Monsters, a four player local kaiju brawler, for release in 2020. Platforms for the game have not yet been revealed but an exclusive trailer revealing gameplay will debut during the opening ceremony for kaiju convention G-Fest XXVI in Chicago on July 12.

In Dawn of the Monsters, players will become one of a cast of kaiju who have to defeat creatures called “Nephelim” that are wrecking the Earth. According to the developer, Dawn of the Monsters will feature beautiful 2.5D graphics inspired by the works of Mike Mignola (Hellboy), combat inspired by classic action and fighting games, and fully destructible environments.

In addition to the gameplay reveal trailer there will also be Dawn of the Monsters panel hosted by 13AM Games and led by Creative Director and CEO Alex Rushdy. Rushdy’s toy company, Seismic, will be partnering with the developer to produce soft vinyl figures of the game’s lead kaiju, Megadon. G-Fest XXVI attendees will also have the chance to win a figure by visiting the Seismic booth and completing their kaiju-themed survey.

Dawn of the Monsters will launch some time in 2020.

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