Mama Hawk Available Today

Mama Hawk is launching today, Thursday, February 22nd on iOS and Android. Mama Hawk is a free to play game (with an option to opt out of ads for $1.) which casts you as a fierce mother bird keeping her hungry chicks alive by feeding them animals. But it’s not as easy as it sounds...

Review: The Deer God

The idea of combining survival and platforming with teaching a hunter a lesson by transforming him into a deer is pretty frickin epic! Life as a deer isn’t easy – you’ve got lots of predators to worry about, you have to forage for food, and of course there are p...

The Story of Burgal’s Bounty: Part 3

Burgal’s Bounty is launching today, February 15th, 2018, and Blair Pyle of Phat Games wanted to write about the long history of the game and some of the challenges of the development process. He reached out to IndieHangover to help spread this story and we are more than happy to ...

Interview: Blair Pyle of Phat Games

Burgal’s Bounty is coming out tomorrow, and we were lucky enough have the chance to catch up with developer Blair Pyle to discuss the unique hurdles he’s had to overcome, the evolution of the game’s art style, the games unique take on the concept of boss battles...

Mulaka Launch Dates Announced

Developer Lienzo has revealed that their upcoming action adventure game, Mulaka, will launch on Steam and PlayStation 4 on February 27,  on Nintendo Switch March 1, and on Xbox One March 2. Mulaka is based on the history, culture, and mythology of the Tarahumara, a group of indig...

Review: Wulverblade

Wulverblade is a side-scrolling, arcade inspired beat’em up set in Roman-era Britain where you become one of three characters fighting to save their homeland from Roman invasion. While it’s not the prime example of what the genre is capable of, its quirks help it stan...

Interview: Max Krieger on CROSSNIQ

Our interview with Max Krieger, the developer of CROSSNIQ, a fast paced puzzler going on to Kickstarter. We talk about the game's Y2K Aesthetic, the challenges of making a compelling puzzle game, and Max's inspiration to get started in the world of indie game development.

Pilgrimage of Embers Alpha Live Today

It's finally here! The Pilgrimage of Embers alpha arrives today, February 1st, giving us a glimpse at this project that has been being worked on by developer Enckling for a long time, and eagerly anticipated.

Leveling The Playing Field Launched

Leave it up to the goat folks to do good… On Tuesday, Coffee Stain Studios, the developer and publisher of the infamous Goat Simulator, announced a new initiative meant to focus on “promoting gender equality within game development studios”. This initiative, bei...

Interview: Andrew Linde of Juncture Media

Our interview with Andrew Lidne, the lead developer of AVARIAvs, currently on Kickstarter. We talk about the game's unique competitive JRPG Combat, how it's evolved during development, and the inspirations for this strange science fiction world.

Seers Isle Announced By Nova-Box

Seer's Isle is the new visual novel coming this summer from Nova-box, the minds behind Along the Edge, one of our suprise hits from last year.

Spotlight: Splinter Zone

Splinter Zone was a real surprise for me; I'm not a huge fan of run-and-gun platformers, usually turn to game's for the story, and I'm not incredibly nostalgic for the Mega-Man games of old. Yet, despite me checking NONE of those boxes, I really liked Splinter Zone. 

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