Review: Galaxy of Pen and Paper

Galaxy of Pen & Paper shuttles you into the imagination of a group of role-players as they take on harrowing adventures in space. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can travel between galaxies to earn prestige and currency by completing various quests. It's D&D in Space on...

Interview: Dan Butchko on PlayNYC

Our interview with Dan Butchko, CEO and Founder of Playcrafting, on PLay NYC, a new York focused games convention taking place on August 19-20. We talk about the goals of Play NYC, the challenges that Playcrafting have had to deal with, and a bit of a peak at what games will be a...

Stugan Talks Tutorials

 The Stuganhave started a sort of visual podcast titled "TUTORIALS". In it, Kate Grey will be talking to people currently at Stugan about different aspects of game development.


Playcrafting will be partnering with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), bringing incredible discounts to there line of course and classes for members.

The Colonists Announced by Mode 7 and Codebyfire

Following their publishing debut with Tokyo 42, Mode 7 have just announced the second game they’ll be helping to publish: The Colonists.  Being developed by Richard Wallis of Codebyfire, The Colonists looks like a game that’ll capture a lot of peoples attention. The C...

Sundered Releases on July 28th

At long last, we know when we will be able to fully delve into the corrupted, mysterious world of Sundered!

Flix & Chill 2: Millennials Out July 18th

The sequel to Jason Lovett's Flix & Chill arrives tomorrow, so get ready to awkwardly maneuver your way through some millennial themed romances

Interview: Maciek and Sean of SMAC Games

Our interview with Maciek Strychalski and Sean Wright of SMAC Games, the minds behind Tokyo 42. We talk about the game's diverse stealth mechanics, perspective, and what drew Maciek and Sean into the world of indie game development.

AFRICADE Opens July 29th

One of the coolest parts of going to conventions is meeting the developers from far off places. We’e met indie devs from across the globe, from Brazil to India to South Africa. While IndieHangover is US based, and has an inherent focus on the US indie scene, that’s no...

Meet Aftercharge’s Glitch

We now know the identity of one more Workonics Robot in Chainsawesome Games‘ Aftercharge. Glitch adds a little bit of aggresiveness and disruption to the robot team, and we’ve actually already seen his ability hinted at in the Aftercharge Teaser.   This workonic ...

Review: Lines

Lines works on a simple concept, executed perfectly, and presents a ton of content, but does feel like a passive puzzler. But if you think that means it's easy, you're dead wrong.

West of Loathing Arrives in August

West of Loathing will be released on  Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux first on as of yet undetermined date in August, with an iOS version planned for a later date.

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