See Aftercharge in Action

Aftercharge has released footage from two full unedited games from the two points of view; one from the Workonics Robots and one from the Enforcers. This is a great window in to what you can expect from Aftercharge.

Steam Summer Sale 2017: Indie Watch

The 2017 Steam Summer Sale goes from June 22nd to July 5th. Check back here for some of the best deals on indie games.

Time Recoil Launches on August 10th

10tons Ltd's Time Recoil will be releasing on Steam on August 10th.

Interview: Colin Horgan on LUCAH

Our interview with Colin Horgan, one of the Indie Devs behind LUCAH. We talk about the origins of the game's unique art style, the combat mechanics and what put Colin of the path of indie game development.

Review: The Search

The Search is a beautifully constructed journey exploring art, the nature of passivity in a creative space, and even the concept reality, all hidden and scattered throughout a series of puzzles which each refine your understanding of the game's underlying message.

ZED Development Team Expands

Announced this weekend, Eagre Games has added seven new team members to help both with the programming, art creation, and the implementation of a narrative delivery system on ZED. A few months ago we made some decisions regarding ZED and have been emphasizing quality from the beg...

Review: XTRIK

XTRIK is a game that presents you with a simple task: untangle the wires. However, this simple concept hides an incredibly difficult game that's addictive, fast paced and incredibly fun.

Black Hive Partners with 2Dimensions: 2 Kova Titles In Production

Announced in a Press Release yesterday, Black Hive Media will be Partnering with 2Dimensions to release a PVP Card game set in the Kova universe, followed by the release of the unsuccessfully Kickstarted Kova.

Let’s Look At Steam Direct

Steam Direct launched yesterday. Here's a breakdown of the process, what you'll need, and what to look out for.

Review: Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator

Now, thanks to Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator, a hilarious "insult-'em up" from developer Vile Monarch, you'll be able to add "with insults" to the list of ways you've destroyed your digital foes.

Kickstarter Watch: LUCAH

L U C A H is now on Kickstarter looking for crowdfunding support. A nightmarish game with a unique graphical style, beyond solid gameplay and a surprising amount of customization, it's well worth checking out..if you dare...

Interview: Giovanny Beltran on Evil Glitch

Our interview with the developer of Evil Glitch, Giovanny Beltran. We talk about Evil Glitch's tiny size, how the aesthetics of the game serve to mechanics, and Giovanny's experience as an Indie Developer in Bogota, Columbia.

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