Odyssey is a puzzle game combining narrative storytelling, gaming, and science education. We looked at the Early Access version and interviewed co-creators Vivek Kaul and Omkar Deshpande.

Our Interview with Along the Edge’s writer, Geoffroy Vincens, both about the narrative and mechanical decisions made in Along the Edge, and his background as a game developer.

Quick bit of scheduling news that the sixth annual Boston Festival of Indie Games will be taking place this year on Saturday September 23rd. The Boston Festival of Indie Games is the biggest celebration of independent tabletop and video games in New England. BostonFIG is an inclusive, welcoming environment filled with family-friendly activities and games… Read more »

Along the Edge is a fantastic visual novel that drops you into the life of a character in conflict. In conflict with herself, her environment, and even her reality…

What if Tron was reborn as a fast paced, 3D twin stick shooter? Well, you’d probably have something pretty close to Dystoria. Available on Steam tomorrow, Dystoria has been created by Tri-Coastal Games, a two man Canadian indie developer. Complete with a pulsing synth soundtrack, a fluorescent 80’s aesthetic, and faced paced combat, Dystoria has… Read more »

Our Interview with Kyle Seeley about the nostalgic lens he’s used in Emily is Away Too, why he’s created a spritiual successor, and what got him into independant game development. Also: Gameplay Video!

Heart. Papers. Border. is an optimistic game casting you as a travel blogger. It explores the idea of travel, immigration, and borders in a hopeful way, has a great foundation to build on and is currently on Steam Greenlight.

A new patch is coming to INVERSUS later this year, and it’s a big one! First and perhaps most importantly, INVERSUS is heading to XBox One with Update 1.5, meaning a whole new bunch of console jockeys can experience the (now) colorful mayhem of INVERSUS. There’s a whole lot more coming with this patch though:… Read more »