Tank Vs Aliens is a surprisingly challenging RTS that removes base building and resource gathering in favor of squad tactics and upgrade management.

Our interview with Flo and Lewis of Tea-Powered Games where we talk about Dialogue: A Writer’s Story, and ask them about the challenges of creating a game revolving only around dialogue, how they injected variety into the game, and what drew them to independent game development.

Black Mill Games and M2H, the two studios responsible for releasing WWI Squad FPS Verdun, have just announced a new, standalone expansion to the game, titled Tannenberg

YoYo Games are making it even easier for prospective game developers to start working with GameMaker Studio 2, introducing an educational package designed for students, available for free as a demo version.

Spellspire, the mobile game where you attack enemies by spelling words, has come to consoles and PC! Part RPG and part word game, you’ll need to frantically throw out hundreds upon hundreds of words to conquer the enormous Spellspire.

Project Nos, currently on Kickstarter, is a Tabletop Street Racing game from Mind the Gap Studios that’ll see you modding cars, rolling dice and trying to beat your friends to the finish line.

The Liquidator will be joining the Striker on the Guard Team, fighting against the Workonics Robots, in Chainsawesome Games Aftercharge.

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