PAX West Spotlight: Way of the Passive Fist

IndieHangover was recently at PAX West from September 1st through the 4th. We’ve got a lot of indie games and developers to spotlight over the next week or two, so make sure to stay tuned! Way of the Passive Fist takes the classic 90s arcade brawler and infuses it with an unexpec...

Review: Tooth & Tail

Tooth and Tail is a fantastic addition to the RTS genre, boiling down the core appeal of real time strategy into a bite-sized format, cutting match length down to under 10 minutes while preserving the strategic feel and adding flexibility. Backed up by gorgeous art, characterful ...

PAX West Spotlight: Galaxy of Pen and Paper

We took the opportunity to talk to Behold Studios at PAX West and pick their brains about Galaxy of Pen and Paper post release.


We took a look at Legrand Legacy, a JRPG nearing completion and expected to be released later this year, which gave us major flashbacks to the classics of the 90's...

PAX West Spotlight: Someone Has Died

In a flurry of screens and flashing lights, tucked away deep, down in a basement level room of the Washington Convention center, I found Someone Has Died, a morbidly funny card game that brings all the joys of will arbitration to your living room, but with the absurd twists that ...

PAX West Spotlight: Interview with Cat Nigiri

Cat Nigiri, the Brazil-based indie studio, was at PAX West to showcase Keen and Necrosphere at The Indie Megabooth. We took the chance to chat to them about both games!

Aftercharge Introduces The Builder

The Builder represents a more supportive character compared to the Striker and the Liquidator, and has some nifty tricks up his sleeves...

Pathologic 2 to be Produced by tinyBuild

Ice-Pick Lodge has partnered with tinyBuild to produce Pathologic 2.

The 13 Brand New Games from the Nindies Summer Showcase

The Nindies Summer Showcase revealed plenty of  promising new indie games for Nintendo Switch owners to keep an eye out for. Here is a breakdown all 13 of the new indie games revealed in the showcase.

Review: Sundered

Sundered is an outstanding 2D platformer with impeccable art and a wholly immersive mood, making it a worthy addition to the genre of Metroidvania games.

Play NYC Spotlight: Otis

Otis sits somewhere between a game, an interactive narrative and a movie. portraying a crime gone wrong in the middle of small town America, the project has incredible potential in the realm of narrative storytelling.

Play NYC Spotlight: Burgal’s Bounty

Burgal's Bounty is a puzzle game with boss fights, interesting mechanics, and an art style the holds with is an incredibly interesting backstory...

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