This years lineup for the Boston Festival of Indie Games has been announced. There’s a whole host of old friends and new faces in both the digital and tabletop categories. Just over two weeks away, The Boston FIG will take place on September 10th at the Johnson Athletic Center at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If… Read more »


With all the press surrounding No Man’s Sky, and the Gamescon demo of Star Citizen, you might think those are the only games on the horizon to put you in the cockpit of a space fighter. You’d be wrong. Helion Strike, being created by Indie Developer Edd Gorman, is an arena space shooter which recently entered Steam Greenlight,… Read more »


Our interview with husband and wife team Alix Stolzer and Calvin Goble who head Robot Loves Kitty, the studio making Upsilon Circuit. We discuss where the idea of Upsilon Circuit came from, the challenges involved with creating a video game game show, and their life as independent game developers.


Ice-Pick Lodge announced today in a Kickstarter Update that Pathologic, the re-imagining of the original 2005 game of the same name, has had its release delayed until Fall of next year. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and bad news, as a number of new features and important updates were also revealed.    … Read more »


One of our favorite game of last year, Jotun, is coming to consoles. Jotun: Valhalla Edition will be released on Wii U on September 8th, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will release on September 9th. Valhalla Edition ramps up the difficulty of the original Jotun, becoming a boss rush mode with even fiercer versions of… Read more »


Robot Loves Kitty has moved their funding for video game game show Upsilon Circuit from InideGoGo to Patreon. While a bit chaotic to shift gears so significantly mid campaign, it’s clear that this is a move to match the vision these developers have of Upsilon Circuit, and the vision they have to fund this incredibly unique… Read more »


Yesterday, tinyBuild announced a new project building on one of their previous titles. Party Hard Tycoon is a spiritual sequel to last summer’s Party Hard, which cast you as a killer just trying to get a little peace and quite. This time, you’ll be making the noise, designing venues, entertainment and attraction to try and create… Read more »


Announced today, alongside a fabulous new trailer, Brain&Brain’s video game folk tale Burly Men at Sea will released on September 29th. It will be available on  Steam, the Humble Store,, iOS, and Google Play, and can be pre-ordered on the Humble Store for $7.99, 20% off the launch price of $9.99.     Besides being… Read more »