Hacktag is a cooperative stealth game that casts one player as a field agent, and one as a hacker, working together to steal valuable information, escape capture and have a cup of coffee on the way.

Dead Cells is a RougueVania, Soulslike with an incredibly unique pixel art style that will have you fighting and dying, and fighting and dying, and fighting and dying….

Procedural generation get’s thrown around a lot these days, but I’ve seen few games embrace it as wholeheartedly as Asura, or in as innovative a way. By applying that procedural nature not only to the levels you explore and the enemies you attack, but to your character as well, Ogre Head Studio have the makings… Read more »

TumbleSeed is an utterly surprising roguelike adventure involving an incredibly unique movement style in a bright and colorful world which I cannot wait to fail at miserably again in the near future.

We are eager to see more of The Gardens Between, a lovely puzzle game involving surreal landscapes, bittersweet memories and time control. We didn’t see much of the game at PAX East, but it was enough to have us interested.

You’d never expect the ideas of Rhythm Game and Turn Based Combat to go together so well, but somehow, The Metronomicon has found a way to smash them together into a fun, fluorescent and wholly unique RPG.

Hand of Fate 2 feels like a refinement of an already superb concept, with more customization, more variety and more choices to make in your game against The Dealer.