Site Registration is now open for site organizers of the 2017 Global Game Jam. The ninth Global Game Jam will be taking place on January 20 – 22, 2017, and if you’re interested in hosting a site, or know someone else who is, you can register here. The only things you need to open a jam… Read more »


Submissions are now open for the IndieMEGABOOTH and IndieMINIBOOTH for both PAX East 2017 and GDC 2017. An FAQ and Submission information can be found here, and games can be submitted via this submission form. The cost is $40 per game per calendar year. The Submission Deadline is November 4th, and there’s a $60 Late Fee,… Read more »


I love it when I find a game that makes me initially go “what? but why” only to later realize how much fun it could be and how much I want to play it. Kissy Ghost, the first game from Dog Dad Games, is premiering on Steam Greenlight today. Originally dreamed up during a game jam in… Read more »


Announced Yesterday, Kyle Seely is currently working on Emily is Away Too, a sequel and successor to Emily is Away, a narrative game told through the nostalgic lens of an AIM-like instant messenger.     Create your screen name, customize your profile and choose your path through this branching narrative. Chat with both Emily and… Read more »


  Yes, it is already time to start thinking about PAX East of 2017. Submissions for the 2017 PAX East Indie Showcase are now open. The Deadline for submission is Novemeber 14th, right around the corner, and the submission form, as well as additional information, can be found here.   Also, a bit of interesting news we’re sure… Read more »


While we’ll be unable to attend this year’s conference, we wanted to spread the word about Gameacon, a conference focused on independent game development the fans of the game’s they create, and more! This years’ even will be taking place at the end of this month, October 28th, 29th and 30th, at the Tropicana Casino  in Atlantic City, NJ…. Read more »


Our Interview with Jason Rankin and Doug Brinbury of Norwester Games on Stitches, the language barrier mechanic, the game’s semi-cooperative nature and it’s Kickstarter campaign launching today.


When I first saw it at PAX East 2016, Klang was a wonderful surprise; a rhythm platformer I had heard nothing about before trying it under the direction of creator Tom-Ivar Arntzen, and it initially worried me. Rhythm games have a much smaller window for error than other games; If the beat if off, it’s… Read more »