Today, tinyBuild announced what they are calling “by far our biggest project” yet. Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game in which tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels are aiming for “10+ hours of gameplay that’ll switch between a sandbox (the house), and story-driven segments that take place elsewhere”, all involving a nefarious AI opponent that will… Read more »


By now you’ve probably already seen the news from 15 other sources, but you’re going to hear it at least one more time: Nidhogg 2 was announced earlier today alongside a new teaser trailer.     Return of the wurm! The next installment of the epic award-winning dueling tug-of-war is coming! Destroy your opponents with… Read more »


Our Interview with Mark Mayers, the lead developer of Desolus, in which we talk about where the idea for this surreal cosmic puzzler came from, how he got into indie game development, and the Shivering Isles.


Make Sail is launching its funding campaign today on With realistic buoyancy, water and air physics in play, it’s a sailing game that invites experimentation and exploration in a massive world full of mystery.


Skorecery is face paced, has a fantastic balance of strategy and blind chaos, and invites local multiplayer competition. Skorecery has all the makings of a multiplayer “sports-like” hit.


Today, Thunder Lotus Games announced their new project, Sundered. While the game is just as beautifully hand drawn as its predecessor, Jotun, it looks very different in tone. The trailer and few screenshots that have been released give off a very serious Lovecraftian vibe, and it’s clear there’s going to be a much larger element of… Read more »


Ape Out is a fast paced, tense and exhilarating primal rush of a game that will get your palms sweating and your heart pounding as you leg it towards escape.


If you’re looking for a bit of Game Dev themed entertainment this Friday, you owe it to yourself to watch the first two episodes of “Game Jam Island” a one part documentary, one part ensemble comedy affair from Free Lives Studio, the team behind Broforce.   Nearly a year after releasing BROFORCE, follow the Free Lives studio… Read more »