Videogame Lookclub: Winter 2017-2018

The two games for this Winter on the Videogame Lookclub are Splinter Zone by Eric Merz and Legend of Hand by John Inch and Shaun Aitcheson.

The Story of Burgal’s Bounty: Part 1

Blair Pyle of Phat Games announced last night at the Bit Awards that Burgal’s Bounty will be coming to iOS and Android on February 15th, 2018. With the upcoming launch of Burgal’s Bounty, he wanted to write about the long history of the game and some of the challenges...

The Winners of the 2017 Bit Awards

Want to know the big winners of The 2017 Bit Awards? Look no further! We've got links to all the winning games inside.

We’re Hosting a GGJ18 Jam Site!

We're Hosting a GGJ18 Jam Site at the UpStart Center for Entrepreneurship in Orono, ME. Details and Signup Inside!

Spotlight: Parkasaurus

I have incredibly fond memories of playing Roller Coaster Tycoon growing up; managing park attendance, making money by charging people for using the bathroom, creating roller coasters that rocketed attendees off into the air before they crashed to the ground (outside the park of ...

Review: Hand of Fate 2 by Defiant Development

Hand of Fate 2 is easily one of the best games of 2017, combining card games, rogue-likes and injecting a greater amount of RPG decision making into the sequel that takes the series in a fresh direction.

Interview: Adolfo Aguirre on Mulaka

At the PlayStation Experience last weekend, we got to chat with Adolfo Aguirre, the Marketing and PR Manager of Mexico based game development studio Lienzo, about their upcoming indie action adventure game, Mulaka.

Kickstarter Watch: Raji – An Ancient Epic

Raji An Ancient Epic is an action adventure indie game set in ancient India, which is currently on Kickstarter. Gorgeous, engrossing and mysterious, the atmosphere and environment for a strong foundation on which the gameplay can be developed.

Interview: Adriel Wallick on Train Jam 2018

Our Interview with Adriel Wallick,the organizer of Train Jam. We discuss and learn a bit more about the event, what makes it special, the hurdles they've encountered along the way, and what lead her to create this unique and beloved event. There's also a few tips for next year's...

Spotlight: 0°N 0°W

0°N 0°W is a first-person surreal exploration adventure being made by Colorfiction, which we recently ran into. The team just released a teaser, and if you aren't interested by the mysterious description of the game, you'll be engrossed after watching the surreal dreamscape of tr...

Interview: Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff

Our interview with Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff, both of Death By Audio Arcade, on instillation games. We talk about what drew them to being interested in installation games, the case study of Salmon Roll, and the mission of Death By Audio Arcade.

Review: Megaton Rainfall by Pentadimensional Games

Ever wanted to fly around a city like Superman? Enter Megaton Rainfall, a game that lets you live out your dreams of being a superhero - in VR.

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